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PROGRAM: Prefabricated modular housing system, using 20’ ISO containers as principal modules

SIZE: Varies

COMPLETION: January 2007

NOTES: 20’ ISO containers and light gauge steel-framed prefab infill panels for roof and floor, aluminum storefront and sliding window glazing systems, miscellaneous steel detailing

PROJECT TEXT: These three layouts were produced to demonstrate the range of the PRO/con system. In the wake of the Dwell Home Design Invitational competition entry, documented in El Segundo, J,P:A was approached by an entrepreneur who wanted to create an online catalog of prefab designs—not unlike the Hometta concept (for which we produced the Rubix design, shown elsewhere in the present volume). This business opportunity went no further than these designs, however. The three versions here demonstrate how the PRO/con system might respond to different siting contexts and program sizes, from the smaller urban layout to a more extensive rural configuration.